Nov 242015
The latest draft rumours

With only a few hours left until the draft, most in the know still can’t be 100% sure of how things will turn out. At this stage, many are tipping the top 15 are nearly set, but there has been some late rumours coming through. Charlie Curnow Once a chance at pick three, Curnow now […]

Nov 242015
2015 Draft Profile: Ben Keays

Ben Keays (Queensland/Redland) Height: 185 cm Weight: 82 kg Position: Midfielder/medium forward Strengths: Workrate, stoppage work, scoreboard impact, marking Weaknesses: Point of difference, right foot Player comparison: Luke Parker First year impact: High Kicking: Above average Marking: Above average Endurance: Above average Speed: Average Statistics Queensland (TAC Cup): four games, 20.3 kicks, 13.3 handballs, 33.5 disposals, […]

Nov 242015
Luke McAlister's Phantom Draft

Hi guys, I’m back again on the day of the draft to release my first and only phantom draft this season. I’ve ensured that the bidding calculations are as correct as possible. This year, in the profiles that follow each player, I won’t be including miscellaneous information about each player – things like stats and […]

Nov 242015
2015 Draft Profile: Jack Silvagni

Jack Silvagni (Oakleigh Chargers) Height: 191cm Weight: 83kg Position: Utility Player comparison: Jack Gunston Strengths: Versatility, goal kicking technique, defensive positioning, overhead marking Weaknesses: Lack of height to be key position, raw, yet to develop physically First year impact: Long term prospect Kicking: Average Marking: Above average Endurance: Average Speed: Average Jack Silvagni will be […]

Nov 232015
Matt Balmer's 2015 Phantom Draft

With the minutes ticking down until the first name is called out on draft night, here is my final phantom draft for 2015. Despite the draft being labelled as weak, there are still quality players in the top 30 picks. Expect many clubs to pass on the night, with around 60 picks to be used […]