May 132016
The footy review: Round 7

What got us talking: Umpires are not firing AFL umpires. You either love them, or you hate them. When the frees are going in your favour, the umps are like a godsend. But when decisions go against your club, the men (and women) in yellow can be the worst people on earth. For the most […]

May 062016
The mid-week review: Round 6

What got us talking: GWS’ defining moment? It was bound to happen. Since its debut season in 2012, Greater Western Sydney has been thriving with potential. A sleuth of high draft picks and star recruits signaled good things on the way. And it appeared to all come together on Saturday afternoon. GWS went to Spotless […]

Apr 292016
The mid-week review: Round 5

What got us talking: Contract extensions In recent years, it has been fashionable to extend coaches’ contracts. Club after club have re-signed coaches in an act of ‘faith’, as a way to remove speculation as the contract deadline looms closer and closer. Sometimes this works. And other times, it fails horribly. Hawthorn is the latest […]

Apr 212016
The mid-week review: Round 4

What got us talking: North on top For the first time since 1998, North Melbourne will go into round five top of the AFL ladder. The Roos’ start to season has been blinding. With four wins and zero losses to their name, they can proudly announce themselves as the last unbeaten team of 2016. “It’s […]